Anxiety/Social Anxiety Disorder due to that sometime feeling to commit suicide

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1. I am very shy, timid, quiet, introvert, cowardice, bashful guy. Lack of self-confidence.
2. Dislike of talking, desire to be silent and alone. I always quiet and silent even with parent, family and friends. Stay away from social situations, public meeting and public appearances. I don't like interacting with people. Not easily mix up with people, few friend, Isolate myself. Don’t desire to going party & function, not knowing what to say or do.
3. When I start talking to anyone, my heart beat increase, my face, nose muscles start trembling. Palpitation and hesitation when talking.
4. I can't speak in public meeting and stage speaking. stage fright, fear of public speaking, fear of making speech.
5. I can't speak in job Interview, presentation, Group Discussion (GD), any debate.
6. I cannot make eye contact with anyone. I feel nervous, timid, shy when people look at me.
7. Anxiety of an exam, an interview, presentation, group discussion (GD), public meeting, public appearances, stage speaking, public speaking, giving speech, performance anxiety, fear of being late, anxiety before anything, anxiety of doing anything etc.
8. Fear of drive bike or car, fear of accident. Fear of height. Fear about my health, carrier and future. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear during taking decision, fear of taking risk, Fear of doing wrong, fear of cheating, fear of facing world, fear of doing anything,
9. I have strong fear or anxiety of Sex and Marriage. I can't talk to girls and can't look on girls. When I look to girl or think about girls or sex, my heart beat increase (Palpitation).
In all above case:
10. a) Heart beat increase; Fear to speak out; face, nose start trembling,
b) Lack of self confidence, lack of solid gut feeling, negative thinking.
c) I become totally blank minded, Words are not coming in my mind, unable to think, not knowing what to do or say, deficiency of ideas, can’t make decisions, confused, hopeless.
d) I feel Shyness, cowardice, timidity, Palpitation, trembling, hesitation, embarrassed, self-conscious, inferior, introvert, underestimate myself, no good quality, feel stupid, underdog, sometimes diarrhea problem,
e) Nervous, always in a hurry, Worries over little things, blaming myself, stress, depress,
f) Dislike of talking, desire to be silent and alone, Stay away from social situations, public meeting and public appearances. Isolate myself. Not knowing what to say or do.
g) Weak memory, bad concentration, slow comprehension.
h) Sympathetic to other’s suffering, hard to show emotions, low self esteem.
i) No positive attitude, no positive thinking, no vision, no will power, no courage to do anything, no enthusiasm, no creativity; no faith, no dare to take risk in life, no leadership quality;
j) I feel I am not perfect, sensitive to being observed, sensitive to the opinions of others, sensitive to making mistakes, Feeling of committing a crime, mistakes, being caught doing something wrong, I always think what others will think about me. Feeling of being watched or looked.
k) Always feel dull, depressed, down, sadness, with low or no energy at all for daily work activities.
11. Start thinking in mind before or after meeting with person or events, what they will ask me and how i will reply, How to start the topic (over thinking) etc.
12. I always live in my imagination; over thinking about any things. I always talk with myself.
13. I can't say "NO" to anyone for any things. Try to please everyone. I always think what others will think about me, I am afraid of fighting with anyone; I can't argument with anyone, hates conflict.
14. I plan everything for my carrier and future but can’t implement the same. always avoid to do work. Lack of interest in doing anything. Over thinking before doing anything. Anxiety of doing anything.
15. It has become my attitude that I accept defeat before the battle begins and start thinking negatively about anything.
16. I want to do everything in my life which is best for me but I don't have confidence, guts, courage, attitude, faith, will power, vision, persistence, focus, creativity, decision taking power, risk taking power etc. accept defeat
17. Sexually weak due to over masturbation for 6 to 7 years in childhood. Problems are of nightfall, early discharge & weak ERECTION.
18.I have sleeplessness problem also. I wake-up many times during sleep. My sleep is very light; I wake-up even by little noise too. Stress, depression, sadness all the time.
I am not what I want.

Use these medicines.

Mufareh Jameel x half teaspoon twice a day

Khamira Abresham Arshad Wala x half teaspoon in morning.

For 40 days.

Customer Review

I would like to thank you and say Jazak Allah to you for bringing such great products to UK. Ajmal Dawakhana has very effective remedies. I am taking and my family and kids have taken, MashAllah very good results.

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My 13 year old son was always restless and lacked focus. He was average in studies and always seemed exhausted. My husband was constantly worried about him and so was I.

Thankfully we came across Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jawahar, a...

Farida, London UK

This is my third order, love your products and they are just great. Labub Kabir & Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jawahar 100% satisfied!!!!

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I ordered Ilmas-E-Kemyavi of Ajmal Dawakhana and have found the product very beneficial. Made from highly refined natural ingredients, the tonic tablets are wrapped in gold and I found immediate improvement just after having them for a week....

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I was suffering from lower sexual potency and vigor for so many years. My friend asked me to visit ajmalherbal online store and I ordered Labub Kabir on his recommendation.

Although I did not believe in such herbal remedies but I am glad...

SK, Manchester
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