Premature Ejaculation and white drops

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Sir i am suffering from premature ejaculation for 2 or 3 years i am 24 years old unmarried guy..from lahore.Pakistan..2 or 3 years back i had sexual intercourse 2 or 3 times where i noticed premature ejaculation and my another problem is white drops..usually wehen i came to full erection drops came out of my penis time by time until erction goes away. please guide me sir..what kind of problem i am suffering with??.does it has complete cure??.and please tell me sir what is an average ejaculation time a man should have??
as i am facing that problem so to avoid more weakness i had stopped thinking about having sex/sexual intercourse.

AOA Salman Sahab,

The average time for intercourse varies from 2-5 minutes. There are many men who get confused with premature ejaculation. It is normal for a person to ejaculate within 2 minutes. If you want to increase your time - you have to slowly train your mind and can do some penile exercises to have a greater control.

The white drops you are talking about, this disease is called spermatorrhea. It can be treated easily. Take the following medicines. They also help to cure premature ejaculation.

Majun Salab x one teaspoon before breakfast and in evening

Qurs Mumsik Jadid + 1 + 1 tablet with majun salab

Jameelan x2 tablets before sleeping

For 20 days.

Walikum ass Salam Hakeem Saab..

So nice of you..thank you for your timely response.. it really means to me..
One think i was forgot to tell you and that is i was found my ejaculation (premature) 3 years back..till now i had no sexual intercourse again as i am an unmarried was purely premature as u have said that at least a man should survive for 2 mins ..but i was often ejaculate as i start intercourse ..i.e 5 seconds or less..afterwards i had no sexual intercourse again as i am an unmarried man..or i can say ..i realize i cannot perform well..
so after this deatil ..
What u think hakeem saab in my case premature ejaculation can permanantly be cured??
Should i take additional medicine with the aboved ones..and now after telling you the story in detail will it is sufficient for me taking medicines upto 20 days..??
Should i also be required to use Tila Khas no.1 (for external use) With all of the above medicines....

I will wait for your responce..

Salman Habib

Salman Sahab,

What I have understood and please correct me if I'm wrong.

1) You had sexual intercourse three years ago and you ejaculated in few second. After that you didn't have any intercourse, right? Was it just once or were you regular three years ago.

2) Do you masturbate? How regularly and how long do you last?

3) Are you planning to get married any time soon?

Dear Hakim SAAB:

1)I had Regular intercourse Theree Years Ago..When I was Came To full erection white Semen or Drops came out of my penis ..and when i start intercourse i ejaculate immediatly. this causes shames to me and afterwards i didnt do sex with anyone.

2) I was used to mastrubate Regularly Three to four years ago but i have left that habbit in the past.. i last 30 seconds or 40 seconds during mastrubation.. i think mastrubation causes me over sensitiveness which means till now when i use to see any nudity i came to erection immediatly which is irretating to me i usually avoid that kind of thinking to avoid more weakness.

3) Yes Dear Hakim Saab i am planning to get Married Soon..And to avoid any Shame and consiquencies in married life i am thinking of getting Cured..

Dear hakim saab my most important question is Will it can be Permanatly Cured??
Guide me the treatment which has permanat cure. I will purchase any medicine Rather it will expensive or dosnt maters to me
Above is the all information about me..

Now i need your guidence,,,

Salman Habib

Salman Sahab

Thanks for the information. Use the following medicines.

Majun Salab x one teaspoon before breakfast and at 5.00 pm with milk.

Qurs Mumsik Jadid + 1 + 1 tablets with Majun Salab

Jameelan x 2 tablets before sleeping

For 20 days. Let me know how you feel, I'll prescribe you different medicines after first stage depending on how you feel. Please also start practising the exercises we have sent you.

Tila Mumsik Khas: For external use, apply 4-5 drops and massage at night. For one month.

Hakeem Sahib, Aslam-u-alekum
I read the above prescription you provided. I am married and my time is between 15 seconds to 30 or 40 seconds. Can I take the above prescription too and how long will it take to effect me.
I also have high blood pressure and cholesterol problem. Is there anything to take away all these problems
I also have neck and upper back muscle pain due to computer usage (too much muscle stiffness)
Thanks a lot in advance

Assalam u Aliekum, Hakim sahib meri age 24 sal ha. Me ne 15 saal ki age se masturbation krna shuru ki thi ab mujhay 9 saal ho chukay hain. Jiski wajah se ab mera uzua khas kuch khas erect nahi hota or iska size chota(small) or jar(root) se patla or terha(bend) ho gaya ha. Meri physical appearance b kafi kamzoor ha meri kalaiyan(wrists) kisi 12 sal k bachay ki tarah kamzoor hain. Me peshab(urine) pr control ni kr pata or jb peshab(urine) kr k farigh ho jata hun or mutmain(satisfy) ho jata hun uske bad b kapron me peshab(urine) k qatray girtay rehtay hain. Meri sex timing b bohat kam reh gaye ha. Hakeem sahib mujhay aapkay mushwaray ki ashad zaroorat ha. Jazakallah khair

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